Scrapbook #2. Color

Oct, 5, 2015
By Lauren Gutierrez

Monochromatic Image

The first part of the word is “mono” meaning one and the second part is “chroma” meaning saturation of a hue, the pureness in relation to gray. Monochromatic refers to the different shades and tints belonging to a single hue. In this case the hue used on these flyers is a seafoam green. The tinted flyer appears lighter and the shaded one appears darker. Because they belong to the same hue they are different yet still cohesive. Analogous colors work in a similar way except they sit next to each other on the color wheel.

Gutierrez, Lauren. “Flyers.” 2015. JPG file.

Contrasting Warm and Cold Colors

Warm colors are those with red or yellow whereas cold colors are those with some blue. This ad contrasts the warm color red and the cold color blue to draw attention to the text because when used together the text vibrates or oscillates. This is an ad about independent and foreign films so the colors are also a play on the blue and red lenses in the retro 3D glasses the kids are wearing.

Gutierrez, Lauren. “Salt Lake City Weekly Utah Film Center Ad.” 2015. JPG file.

Cultural Meaning of Color

In Mexico yellow marigolds are a symbol of mourning and they are used heavily during the “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” festival which serves to remember those who have passed. The flowers are used to lead spirits by their scent and bright color to their altars where personal keepsakes and other decorations await them.

Ceja, S. (2012) Day of the Dead and Zombie Face Paint. Studio Ceja.

In the United States the color yellow is usually a symbol of happiness and energy. Yellow is used for smiley faces and road signs to catch people’s attention. The image below is an example of yellow as the central color in a rubber ducky themed baby shower.

Biggs, P. (2013) A Modern Duck Baby Shower. Frog Prince Paperie.