Serif Logo: Kate Spade New York

Oct, 12, 2015
By Lauren Gutierrez

Because brands are displaying their logos across different online platforms and we are interacting with them across different devices, a shift in typeface design has begun to take place. Logos are moving from serif fonts to sans-serif fonts in order to accommodate for smaller screens and better readability. Although many of the top shopping brands have made the switch there are still some whose serif typeface not only is still in use but is also integral to the corporate identity.

Take for example the logo above for Kate Spade New York. It uses Baskerville typeface and lower case letters to create a look of elegance, sophistication and femininity. Baskerville typeface belongs to the transitional font classification which is a mixture of old style and neoclassical design. The shapes are subdued with stark weight distribution as well as fine and very vertical strokes. This typeface works well with the other design elements at play within the company culture, like their use of bright colors, graphic prints and practical shapes.

The Kate Spade brand is after a sleek, modern and sensible look for their fashionable lifestyle products which range from handbags, clothing, and jewelry to eyewear, fragrance, and stationary. This particular typeface continues to serve the brand image in this way and also across different platforms and devices because text used in the menu options are sans-serif, however, the logo remains the same. The logo is important because it acts as the mark which psychologically links the brand to a desirable image and unique set of carefully crafted associations. We come to recognize the brand by this logo so it’s risky to alter it and lose corporate identity.