Genius – Your Pocket Guide to Human Culture

September 20, 2014
By Lauren Gutierrez


Located in Brooklyn, New York and in the apps store of everyone’s iPhone, Genius started out as a rap lyrics database with an interactive community that gave meaning and extra breadth to their stanzas and verses. Now Genius has grown to encompass and incorporate that model of interaction to a slew of different music genres, literature, news, history, sports, and many more topics in between.

The fluidity of it’s structure allows contributors to collaborate and identify the most accurate interpretations of the text. Unlike other wiki’s, Genius rewards top contributors by giving them higher IQ points meaning their “Top Scholars” are given more power to edit, moderate, and regulate as they go. Collaborative aspects of the site that are noted right away are the propose an edit, leave a suggestion, improvement or correction options which also award IQ points. This makes the site a bit less susceptible to so-called internet trolls especially with the use of verified artist annotations which are made by authors or subjects of the original source.

Some of it’s Web 2.0 features include member accounts, forum participation, likes/dislikes, shares, and comments. An interesting feature is the ability to follow a contributor because they post the most knowledgeable content or are Top Scholars in a particular field. The account may also be linked to a Twitter or Facebook account to further promote the information on other social media platforms. It has a more contemporary and vibrant feel than other wiki sites which don’t have this kind of fun yet informative flavor to them.