Scrapbook #1. Gestalt Principles

Oct, 5, 2015
By Lauren Gutierrez

Figure Ground:

The darker color forms the figure in this image which is of a man’s silhouette facing away. The lighter yellow color forms the ground and bleeds into the silhouette which forms two hands with red fingernail polish. This overlapping creates the inter-relationship between the two – a woman embracing a man.

Bar, N. (2009). Negative Space. Brooklyn, NY: Mark Batty Publisher.


The elements used in this image include acorns, vertical lines, and shapes that appear to be leaves. If they were scattered they would not be considered a unified whole because there is no order. However because they are put closer together in groups, they are perceived to be in the form of a guitar.

Van Wart, J. (2011) Hopscotch Music Festival. Raleigh, NC: Ketchup and Mustard.


Some of the donuts in the photograph have different colored stripes but they are seen as a group because they resemble each other in the characteristics of shape, color, and design. Our mind perceives a pattern and groups the objects together even if they are not identical.

Mindell, K. (2014) Striped Donuts. Los Angeles, CA: Studio DIY.


The cursive typography of this piece is already unifying but the curved line is what makes it continuous. It leads from the F through to the H and finally connects back to the E at the end of the word compelling our eyes to follow along while also enclosing the word so that it looks like one solid graphical unit.

Fletcher, J. (2013) Freehouse pt. IV. Charleston, NC: J Fletcher Design.


Some of the lines are missing in this image making it incomplete because there is open space between shapes but when observed as a whole, our minds fill in the gaps.  We can then see the figure of a woman with long hair, gloves, and a dress.

Batallia, P. (n.d.) Boutique Ultra Lounge. Las Vegas, NV: Philipp Batallia Creative.


The design elements of this image are symmetrical because they mirror each other. It is pleasing to the eye because it is ordered and looks balanced. The use of analogous hues with varying degrees of luminance and saturation continue to give the piece harmony.

Bukhuth, S. (2013) Alter-Natives. Rose Hill, Mauritius: